December 13, 2017
PAPERCITY MAGAZINE: Anthony Hopkins Invites Houstonians to Lunch in Los Angeles to Make Up for Harvey Cancellation

Hurricane Harvey washed away innumerable plans, hopes and dreams that might never be recovered. But for a lucky few, who had been polishing their table manners for dinner with Sir Anthony Hopkins and found that opportunity submerged in flood waters, the Oscar winner made good on his promise to sit down at the table — albeit in Los Angeles rather than in Houston’s ritzy River Oaks neighborhood. It was a well-endowed fraternity that earned the enviable dinner invitation. They were the handful of collectors that had purchased artworks from Hopkins’ Dreamscapes III “In a Blink” collection, a percentage of proceeds from which benefited Houston Children’s Charity. The charity’s CEO Laura Ward had organized the fête and therefore had the power to cancel in light of Harvey’s widespread damage. No one complained. Then, Muir Fine Art Gallery, which hosted Hopkins’ collection for private showings, organized a lunch with the artist and his wife, Stella, in Los Angeles at The Fairmont Hotel.

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