August 5, 2015
HOUSTON CHRONICLE - CityCentre Murals Tempt Art Lovers To Venture Outside Loop
CityCentre Murals Tempt Art Lovers To Venture Outside Loop
Thank you to Lindsay Peyton & Pin Lim for this write up.

Addendum by CJ Alvarez 8/7/15:

The Mural Project was conceived in direct response to the re cladding construction/maintenance projects @ CITYCENTRE. I believed that street murals would brighten and beautify the South end of the property, which had older advertisements and where the re cladding construction/maintenance was occurring. By creating this “cultural trail” in the District, I felt that we would introduce a broad spectrum of talented urban & mural artists to a new audience, encourage continued patronage during the construction/maintenance period and bring a "feel good" factor to the area.The win-win philosophy has always been important in all projects that I have managed over my career.

The Mural Project @ CITYCENTRE had many win-win components:

- Sixteen (16) Urban and Mural Artists got an opportunity to showcase their talents
- Fifteen (15) Group Exhibition artists got an opportunity to display their canvas artworks in the Muir Fine Art Gallery - Annex
- Artists receive commission from sales of these works
- MD Anderson Center Children’s Art Project a 501 (c) charity benefits from sales of the artwork
- Murals attracted new pedestrian and drive-in traffic to CITYCENTRE
- A friendly competition created excitement on social media platforms by inviting the public to "Take Selfies & Share with Their Friends" and "Vote for the Best Mural"
- The top three (3) Voted Mural Artists have been invited to exhibit a collection of their artworks at Muir Fine Art Gallery - Annex
-By advertising for an open "Call to Urban & Mural" artists, we tapped into a talented pool of artists, which mirrors the diversity & art talent residing in Houston.
Our website lists the talented muralist & group exhibitors by name.

The Mural Project Team

As the The Mural Project, Concept Director, I am proud of my project team who worked alongside me. They shared the Mural Project vision and became more excited as the news spread of the support we received from CITYCENTRE and businesses. The milestones that I set, at first seemed unachievable; however, each one was critical to the overall success of the project. Members of my project team were introduced and recognized at the VIP Event on July 18th. They were Sarah Stevens, John Logan Dickey, April Sandone and Kat Rovang. Being a part of The Mural Project will be a definite highlight in each of their careers and in their CV's as they move forward in the Arts industry.


A big thanks goes to Kelvin TOPSET, Alvagraphics and Eye Couture - Lensology for sponsoring the mural artists and Midway Companies for supplying the mesh material. CJL Media Arts Group covered the lion share of sponsorship this inaugural year. Without each sponsor; however, this Mural Project would not have been possible.

The Mural Project Steering Committee

Thank you to the people who donated time, advice and championed our project!

John Muir Lockhart
Jairo Restrepo
Aimee Braswell
Catherine Sdao
Jimmy Houston
Phillip Perez
Mark Anawaty
Karen Hatfield
Ana Roman

We look forward to the Murals making their way to the next destination....keep your eyes fixed on News tab to learn about the next stop!

CJ Alvarez

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Associated Exhibitions

*  The Mural Project @ CITYCENTRE
July 4 - August 31 2015


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